Growth Track

The Bridge growth track is designed to encourage your growth as a healthy effective follower of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are at in your journey, Growth Track can equip you to experience more fully your calling in God and your part in impacting our world. 

First Step

New to the Faith? Grow in your faith!

  • Develop healthy habits that are essential to your faith in Jesus
  • Interested in Baptism? Week 1 of first step is our baptism class 
  • Learn about Bible reading, prayer, servant-hood, evangelism, and generosity. 
  • Find out more about our three values as a church

First Step runs for four week sessions during the 10:45 gathering in the months of: February, April, June, August, October. 

Next Step

Who are we? Grow in Missional Living!

  • Discover who we are, why we are, where we are going, and what part you play
  • Discover ways you can get connected and grow
  • This is our membership course

Next Step runs for four week sessions during the 10:45 gathering in the months of: March, May, July, September, November. 

Leader Step

Called to more? Grow as a leader!

  • Be equipped and released into what God has called you to do 
  • Learn theology and leadership principles
  • Be invested in

Missional Community

Are you connected? Grow with others!

  • Get connected and begin doing life with others
  • Go on mission in your local town
  • Discover and develop the giftings God has placed inside of you

The Get Started Center

Visit the Get Started Center in the lobby area of church to sign up for First Step, Next Step, Leader Step and Missional Community today.