The Bridge Community Church was planted in March of 2006 with a desperate desire to see St. Francois County and our surrounding communities transformed by Christ. We began small meeting in a rented senior center for our initial membership training, but we were quickly able to move into a wedding banquet hall for our corporate gatherings. Then, by God’s grace we were able to move into our new permanent facility in 2009. Since 2006 we have baptized over 500 individuals. In 2012 our first team of disciples was sent out to plant City on a Hill Church in Arnold, MO. We also sent out our first church planting resident to plant City Church in Cape Girardeau, MO in May of 2013. We went global in 2013 sending out our first overseas missionaries to Bangkok, Thailand. Our story is a story of God’s grace moving through us and it is still being written today. We want you to join God’s story unfolding here at The Bridge Community Church. We are a thriving community of faith who desire to glorify God by making disciples. 

Who We Are:

We are disciples making disciples for His Fame.

  • Gathering and scattering, we aim to glorify God by making disciples in St. Francois County.
  • We invite all to be formed in the GOSPEL, thrive in COMMUNITY, and join in God’s MISSION.

As a church, we gather on Sunday mornings, and a unique vision of our faith community is that we are committed to scattering into our neighborhoods on mission planting communities of light across the SFC.


We have a vision to saturate small town America with the Gospel and impact our world

In the next 10 years we hope to:  

  1. Saturate St. Francois County with the gospel where people have a weekly encounter with Jesus in word and deed.
  2. Help plant multiple gospel-centered churches in cities of 25,000 or less
  3. Baptize 500 new disciples in St. Francois County
  4. Strengthen and plant new churches in globally
  5. Complete Phase 3 of our building (for youth) and finish our commitment to pay off building debt.

Why the emphasis on small towns?

Small towns are often neglected but have high rates of poverty, drug use, and dead religion. There is a growing movement to reach the city among church planting strategists. However, there is very little emphasis on planting churches in small towns where children like ours are being raised. We want to stand in the gap and speak up for the voiceless. 

Church Plants

Below is a list of church plants we have supported or are currently supporting. 

  • City on a Hill - Arnold, MO
  • Bangkok City Church, Bangkok Thailand
  • Sai Mai Church, Bangkok Thailand
  • The Journey Community Church - Herculaneum, MO
  • City Church - Cape Girardeau, MO

Below is a list of church planting networks we work with

  • Advance Movement