Bridge Missional Communities (MCs) are small groups that gather around a desire to reach a particular people group or place with the gospel of Jesus. Along with our weekly church gatherings, attending a Missional Community is the other primary way we make disciples at The Bridge. Each week, in homes throughout our towns, small groups gather together to love each other, grow in the gospel together, and serve our neighbors, cities, and beyond.

We believe that by establishing one MC per 1,000 people in every community we will help people to have a daily encounter with Jesus through word and deed.

A missional community is not JUST a small group, Bible study, support group, social activism, or a weekly meeting. It can involve these sorts of things, but it doesn’t stop there.

Our missional communities worship God, live in community, get trained for ministry, and make disciples together… over time. Being involved in community is critical to being the church rather than simply attending church.

Together we —

  1. Meet Regularly (opening up our Bibles and our lives)

  2. Party Frequently (inviting others in)

  3. Look to Serve our Community at large (engaging the mission)

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You can also visit The Get Started Center in the lobby of our church on Sunday mornings and explore options.