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Why a dedicated Lobby?

The primary purpose of a church building is to provide a place for two things to happen: an opportunity for people to encounter God, and the chance to build meaningful relationships with others. These two needs for reverent space and relational space can be met through the physical layout and design of the building.

The lobby is the most critical space for creating relational space for adults in a congregation. It is the primary place where people congregate to connect with others. Lobbies are mission critical for churches. They give people permission, space, and comfort to foster relationships with each other, which is an essential aspect of growing together as the Body of Christ. Good lobby design should increase the time people spend together at church.

The lobby will serve as a “social and relationship-building” dedicated space in the church. Let’s face it, the worship area is primarily a place where one-way communication occurs- from pastor to attender while the lobby is where interactions are formed and maintained.  A church cannot underestimate the value of providing a place to encourage interconnected relationships.  The lobby will be a comfortable place to linger to grow one-on-one relationships while drinking coffee and sharing in hospitality.

The lobby will also serve as "communication central" for the church. Not only should people be able to get information, but it's where newcomers can learn what the church is about and, if desired, find further information.