Long ago Christmas changed the world.  

We believe it can happen again.

Christmas is not about us, it’s all about Jesus.  Each year at The Bridge we engage in an Advent Conspiracy.  We aren’t saying stop giving gifts, get rid of the tree, no decorations and forget those Christmas stockings.  We’re saying —let’s experience Christmas the way it was meant to be--a joyous celebration of Jesus’ birth that enriches our hearts and the world around us. We’re saying Christmas is so much more.

 This Christmas we invite you to:
  --Worship Fully- because Christmas begins and ends with Jesus!
  --Spend Less- and free your resources for God’s Kingdom work.
  --Give More- of your presence: your hands, words, time, and heart!
  --Love All- the poor, the forgotten, the marginalized, the sick, in ways that make a difference.
Join the (Advent) Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy is about giving more of OURSELVES to each other. Give more presence.  Spend a little less so you can give a little more. 

Since our first Advent Conspiracy offering in 2007 you have given $206,741.26 in order to love all like Jesus loved.  You’ve built water wells in third world countries, contributed to housing and the care of orphans in Haiti, trained pastors and planted churches in India, and sent our own missionaries, Lance and Sandy Smith, to train pastors and plant churches in Thailand.  The cash amount given doesn’t take into account the food baskets, the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, foster children sponsorships, missional community projects, and all your many acts of kindness and generosity throughout the Christmas season.  Yes, Christmas DOES still change the world.  We invite you to join the conspiracy to spend a little less so you can give a little more.

Christmas Offering December 18, 24 & 25

Offering Goal:  $40,000

This year our Advent Conspiracy Offering will be used for Church Planting at home (Ste. Genevieve) in Thailand, Haiti, Zambia & around the world!