14,000 Reasons Campaign


We have 14,000 reasons…

There are many reasons to stay comfortable as a church. We have been reaching and baptizing new people. Our children’s ministry is solid. We’ve made it past the 10-year mark as a church plant and it appears that we have the stamina and strength to remain a church that gathers well over 600 people weekly in a small-town context. We’ve helped plant and resource other churches. We’ve been on mission in other nations. There are many reasons to stay comfortable as a church.

There are 14,000 reasons not to.

St. Francois County currently has 66,000 people residing in it with over 20% of our population under 18 years of age. That’s over 14,000 children and teenagers. That is 14,000 children and teenagers who are being bombarded with messages about life, love, and faith.

These children and teenagers are our 14,000 reasons to not stay comfortable.

The 14,000 Reasons Campaign

The 14,000 reasons campaign is a new capital campaign at The Bridge Community church seeking to raise $150,000 to build dedicated youth space to better reach teenagers in our community for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This new youth space will give us additional room to:

  • Provide a dedicated space and inviting environment for Wednesday night youth ministry

  • Gather youth on Sunday mornings during our services

  • In addition to new youth space, this will also give us a dedicated lobby area on Sunday morning

We are asking you to prayerfully consider what you can give to the 14,000 reasons campaign by the end of 2019. Our commitment Sunday will be on August 19th.

There are 14,000 reasons to give.


Click the button below and select the 14,000 Reasons drop down to give online to the fund. 

14,000 Reasons Giving